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Don't put the clubs away for the winter!

Play golf year round at our indoor golf center!


Play golf on realistic HD golf course with E6 Connect!

E6 Connect is considered the premium golf simulation software with 97 of the top golf courses across the world! 


Play anywhere from Pinehurst #2 in North Carolina to Royal Melbourne in Australia!

Also ask about the handful of fun add on games!


Using the Uneekor QED simulator get immediate feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your game with data such as Club Head Speed, Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Back Spin, Side Spin, and much more.

Armed with this knowledge, you can make adjustments to improve both performance and consistency


Improve your game by getting lessons year-round on our top-of-the-line simulators. Use the data provided to enhance your lessons.

Professional lessons by

Mike Doyle Golf Academy

Call Mike at 401-490-1609


$20 - Half Hour

$40 - Full Hour

Each hitting bay is equipped to fit up to 4 golfers at a time. Remember, you are booking by the hour, not by the person, so bring your friends!

Discounted Hour


5 Hour Package - $175 

($35 an hour equivalent)

10 Hour Package - $325

($32.50 an hour equivalent)

20 Hour Package - $600

($30 an hour equivalent)

Please Call for more Information!



Experience precision accuracy and stunning golf simulation with the QED golf simulator camera system by Uneekor. QED is a cutting-edge golf simulator that uses hyper-speed cameras placed above the hitting area. QED provides accuracy from 10cm up to 435 yards, ensuring you get the best golf simulation experience possible.

Multiple practice ranges, playing modes, and skills challenges are designed to help you get the most out of your practice sessions. With QED, you will be able to play golf anytime you want and have access to comprehensive data that will help you shoot lower scores. Take your game and life to the next level with QED.

E6 CONNECT is the highest-quality, most lifelike and customizable golf simulator software ever created. Train on the driving range, compete in leagues and online events, or just play fun indoor golf games with friends and family.

Course Records

  • Asania (-3) 69 Matheson

  • Bandon Dunes (-5) 67 Abbonizio

  • Bay Hill (-5) 67 McCreary

  • Bethpage Black (-2) Keefe

  • Firestone C.C (-1) 69 McGough

  • The Greenbrier (-3) 67 Keefe

  • Harbour Town (-4) 67 Matheson

  • Innisbrook Copperhead (-7) 63 McGough

  • Pebble Beach (-12) 60 McCreary

  • Cabo Del Sol (-5) 67 Keefe

  • Kapalua Plantation (-2) 71 Matheson 

  • Kiawah Island Ocean (-6) 66 McCreary

  • PGA National (-7) 65 Abbonizio

  • Pinehurst No. 2 (-5) 70 Tsouria 

  • Royal Melbourne (-10) 62 Austin

  • Torrey Pines (-4) 68 Mikey

  • Sea Island Seaside (-5) 67 McGough

  • New South Wales G.C (-5) 67 Austin 

Hole in 1 Club

​Michael Bradshaw, Hole 3 - 174 Yards, Royal Portrush

Chris Choate, Hole 4 - 242 Yards, Augusta National Golf Club

Eric Thomas, Hole 14 - 193 Yards, Bay Hill

Brian Horgan, Hole 4 - 156 Yards, Innisbrook Copperhead

Paul Mahoney, Hole 14 - 107 Yards, Cog Hill Country Club

Austin McCreary, Hole 17 - 173 Yards, PGA National

Michael Matheson, Hole 17 - 171 Yards, PGA National

Kevin McGough, Hole 3 - 211 Yards, Bethpage Black

Chad Correia, Hole 8 - 218, Bethpage Black

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